Moon in Leo - June 27th, 2017

Moon has been waxing in Leo since Sunday night here on the East Coast, and she's asking you what fuels your Heart to Shine!?! On the body, Leo rules the Heart and Upper Back (*breathe and check in with this area now*). Energetically, Leo rules courage, love, giving and receiving, and having a stage to express on..

How are these areas in your life right now? For example, how are you in regards to giving and receiving? Do you give from your overflow or depletion? Do you give, but silently expect something in return? Do you receive with grace and gratitude? Can you bear witness to receiving with out saying a word besides thank you?

It's part of our ingrained culture as women to reject compliments, all while undermining the compliment with shame and resistance.. Don't believe me? Next time you get a compliment about anything- see where your mind goes, and then what your mouth says.. Yikes, we've got some playwork to do!

And Leo asks us just that:  

Is there any PLAY in your life? How about JOY? Where do you find PLEASURE in life? Do you do something every day to pleasure yourself? I'm at the place in my life and Goddess school where I'm receiving pleasure ALL day long! It has nothing to do with what you have or what is happening to you. It has everything to do with how you PERCEIVE everything about you and around you.

Take today for example, can you enjoy and find ecstasy in:  your shower, a cup of coffee, putting essence oils on, picking our a sexy Leo outfit, eating fresh, bright food, talking to a human you trust and can relax with, seeing an animal, reading a great summer book, feeling the sun or rain on your skin, taking a walk in nature, connecting with loved ones, your career that brings you joy and money, your favorite show, etc.. 

What I see, is a lot of people waiting around for "good" things to happen to them, or wondering why their life isn't better.. Well, guess what: we live in a country where bombs aren't being dropped daily, there aren't food shortages (yet), and you're actually at will to do what ever the F&%K you want to do or be! So my friends, the only thing that is holding you back is yourself, your attitude and your perception. All of these you can change - for FREE. 

What I do, is ask myself in any moment in life (especially when I'm in the shit of it), "AM I ENJOYING MYSELF RIGHT NOW? If I shift my perception, could I be enjoying myself? How can I receive pleasure from this situation?"  Believe me- it works! You can take any mundane task and make it enjoyable..

It's your resistance to Joy that doesn't even want to BELIEVE it's possible..