Moon in Libra - June 3rd, 2017

A Waxing Gibbous Moon in Libra is exactly what we all need! Welcome to a gorgeous weekend of wanting to feel good and be balanced!

This is a weekend of illumination and it will look different for everyone.

We're a week out from Jupiter going direct on the Full Moon after a 4 month journey of introspection and metamorphosis. I'm feeling this week will be perfect for any last minute finishing touches or tying up of loose ends, let's say... 

Making this weekend a great time for listening to good tunes and...

-Going through your clothes (again!) and seeing who you don't want to look like going into the 2nd half of this year! I'm sure another bag could easily be filled and given to someone you know would love... 

-Going through your books, dvds, etc. anything you wouldn't want hanging on a wall to represent you- toss it! You want to be able to have your things explain you, so anything that doesn't - buh bye! I've given away boxes and bags to local libraries, and charity pick ups.. It feels great.. 

-Back up your photos, phones, files, desktops and clear loads of space. These tasks are tedious, but have a huge energy return. You feel loads off your back and it's a form of security and responsibility, which is a great way to head into the forward motion of the rest of the year.. 

-Reviewing finances and auto pays to see if there's things your paying for that you don't use at all- cancel them! Pay some bills that you've been pushing off.. Taking back control of your finances is a freeing feeling, even if it's a small victory.. 

-Getting your hair cut, new do, new style- get it in before next Friday! If your trying to make your hair thicker, definitely get your hair cut leading up to Full Moon- it helps promote growth and thickness, especially during a Sagittarius Full Moon!

-Go for a 2 mile walk, barefoot outside if anything.. 

Believe me, you will want to walk into next week feeling Fly AF! 

You're about to go into an unveiling of what you've been working on for 4 months.. June is about celebration and enjoying yourself!

Making this another opportunity to SHINE! 

Enjoy dear friends, 

The Wild Moon Society 






Where could you use some balance? In need of a good purge?