Moon in Virgo - June 29th, 2017

The Moon spent the last 2.5 days in Virgo, as she waxes up to a First Quarter Moon. I don't know about you, but the heaviness of the most recent light code download has been kicking my butt! Anyone else?!

 For me, it's showing up as massive migraines that leave me in a "time out" for a few days. How perfect for this to be happening under a Virgo Moon.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's cool, read on.. 

What I want you to pick up on, is the energy around you, within you and coming through you. How have your energy levels been? Do you feel more sensitive around electronics lately? Have you been pulled to just sit outside or go on a walk? Have you been feeling like you need to get healthier? If so, these are all invitations for getting your body ready for this worldwide shift in consciousness.

Basically, the energies on the planet are going to be getting lighter and faster (our planet is passing through a light particle belt as we speak) and it will become increasingly harder to adjust and evolve if our physical bodies are still carrying around dense energy.

That can include things like: anger, jealousy, junk food, drama, etc. If you don't believe me, next time you get into someone's drama story, ask yourself: How does this feel in my body? Where can I viscerally feel this in my energy field? Does it feel heavy or like sludge? Does this motivate or inspire me? Why am I attracted to such sensations and vibrations? You'll be given a nice little bit of shadow work to do here my friends:) 

Virgo asks us, "So how do you plan on taking care of yourself through this process my child?!" 

I answered this question by going to the ocean 4 times this week.  Literally, sat and did nothing but merge my energy with the ocean and it was glorious. 

This got me thinking about the "time" we allot ourselves to heal and repair. Most folks are lucky if they can take a few hours or maybe a day to rest up. But what if we need days, weeks, months?! I've created a life where this is possible for me and I'm here to help you with that! The first thing you can do is surround yourself with a tribe who is also doing this. For example, many of my friends have made proclamations to heal themselves for 8-12 months. Some have vowed to pause on all levels, to allow space for recalibration and reconnection of their life. This is INSPIRING! This is Beautiful! And it gave me the space to do the same. 

So I ask you, what do you need right now? If you could have a dedicated amount of time to yourself, how long would you request? What would you most desire to do with your time? What's stopping you? Listen, I understand we have jobs and responsibilities.  But things like saying NO to events you don't want to go to, and YES to things you should is the FIRST step my friends. 

So what will it be for you this summer?! 

Peace and Love to you all!