Moon in Scorpio - June 6th, 2017

Behold the lure of a Waxing Gibbous in Scorpio only 3 days out from a Full Moon! These last two days were so palpable you could almost eat it, right? The moon has been in Scorpio for a day and a half so far and one word sums it up: INTENSE! Where ever you are in life, what ever you're going through- it's most likely being intensified for you. 

-If you're in a rough spell, I suggest you cozy right up to what ever you're dealing with. No ignoring or resisting! Instead, meet it at is core- so you can witness the lesson and move through it. I've heard this week could feel a bit like a relapse for many folks. Instead of sitting in shame or guilt about your choices, dig deeper for the emotion under those decisions! Remember, choices are layers deep! 

-If you're having a great week, notice if life feels more sensual to you.. are you enjoying the shit out of the small stuff? Are things clearer for you than ever? Do you notice how your mind has shifted to recognizing the positive over negative first? Have you congratulated yourself for that?! I know I am! 


Another theme for the day is Slow and Steady; with a feeling of walking through a swamp of energy or quicksand.. When I tapped into the energy of the day I envisioned a red ship on a black sea in the eye of a storm..  It lines up with a sensation I've been having where everything around me seems more Clear and Time is going slow... Anyone else? 

Water therapy of any kind would be perfect for today.. Even if the only thing you can do is sneak away for a hot shower with some music.. 

Wherever you are today- do it slow, pay attention and know that you are exactly where the universe wants you! 

Peace Moon babes!