Full Moon in Sagittarius-June 9th, 2017

June 9th, 2017 The Moon sits plump and Full in the sky under a fiery Sagittarius Strawberry landscape..The Arrows of intention are aflame and aimed towards Truth. Where will your arrows land my friends? With Jupiter going direct on the 9th as well, we will be drawn to the curtains to unveil what we have been working on for 4 months! 


This Full Moon is asking us to step into our power, onto our path and get going! Most people will get tripped up thinking power is something big, unattainable and outside of them- big bank accounts, nice careers, fancy cars, chiseled abs, being a loud person, etc.

I'm here to tell you that your powers lie in your sensitivities and your "weaknesses"! Our society has ingrained in us the idea that being sensitive is weak. Comments like, "toughen up, don't be a pussy, and boy's don't cry" sums that up!  It's in fact just the opposite.

To take a deeper look into your hidden gifts: 

-Make a list of all your sensitivities / weaknesses.  Dig deep into- what have you been shamed for? What were you told as a child to not do after a certain age? What other senses do you know you have? What events in life lead you to extreme exhaustion or full body shut downs? Write this all down and sit with it.   Feel for the deep wounds, clean em' up and then ally with them. This is the start to uncovering some uniques aspects or gifts of yourself. (This won't be easy to do, it may take time- I suggest coming back to it for a week or a month as you become aware of whats bubbling up and triggering you.)

This exercise will lead you right into your authentic self. You will become aware of all your beautiful qualities, to which you will understand why society doesn't want you to "be yourself"!  Doing this makes you unique- it's empowering! This will also help the collective from trying to live other's lives and instead, focus on their own. Wishing you were someone else all the time, is extremely deflating to the soul... 

This Full Moon is sandwiched in between two Super New Moons which is telling us that a massive release is happening, a "trimming of the fat" let's say..

-What are you fully ready to let go of? What are you ready to release? What personality do you not want to be anymore? What archetype are you ready to lay to rest? Here's the change to drop or clear up any old dramas, karmas, wounds, stories, paradigms, relationships, etc. 

The choice is yours to stand in Sovereignty as the King or Queen of your LIFE! 

What will it be my moon beams?!