Capricorn Full Moon - July 9th, 2017

Click above for an Audio Recap of Today's Full Moon in Capricorn!  

Topics include:

- An illumination into our Toxicity and Blind spots

-Witness of Personal Expression and Growth 

-Time to Level Up! 

-Who's ready for 2017-  Part 2? 

-It's up for Negotiation! 

-Grounding will be huge today.. 



Full Moon in Capricorn Expressions:

-Create of Update an Altar Space: Fresh Red Roses, a cup of water with dried flowers and choice of oil, 3 candles, bright fabric, rose quartz, statue of choice.. Set an intention. What are you ready to reclaim? 

-Go back two weeks and check your New Moon in Cancer intentions: How have things panned out? What has been illuminated? What have you received? What needs to alter before the descent of the phase? 

-This is a great time for Cord Cutting! If you're not sure what that is, head to my offerings page and check out a recent workshop I just did on it:) 


Find a way to make where ever you are enjoyable and comfortable, because it's about to get Wild! 

With love, 

The Wild Moon Society