Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: A Season of Miracles and Chaos

You don't have to look very far to see just how much Light (Energy) is coming down, into, and up from every angle, cell and crack of Existence. The Earth is singing songs of the Ancient Stories and The Skies are buzzing in the Realms of Infinite Possibility.
From a Universal perspective, we are all 100% completely part of our External experience, which of course is a direct reflection and spotlight of the Internal experience - SHADOW WORK!

Shadows and anything suppressed by the Conscious Collective are being ILLUMINATED and SURFACED, while breaking points are coming to a head. This is where the Miracles and Chaos come in: You will either chose Love (heaven) of Fear (hell) for this journey - you simply can't have both. 

  The veil is so thin with Sacred Contracts, that if you look at a current issue or story line close enough- you can actually see the Divine Plan spelled out for you. The last few months of my life have been my Sacred Contract Initiation into a Spiritual Alchemist. This is something I've been preparing for this for lifetimes. What have you been preparing for?

Believe me, if you're on planet Earth right now, it's for a big fucking reason! So, If you have been the person asking this a lot lately, don't worry...  This Eclipse season WILL be pushing YOU closer to your TRUTH! 

Welcome to the NEW Earth my friends:)

I write this for anyone who is: knowing, holding, hiding and dimming who you ARE and what you are here to BE and Do ! It's time to put your fucking CROWN on! There is no more time to waste. The time is NOW. 

So I ask you, who's with me?! 

The Wild Moon Society