Super Moon in Cancer

Happy New Year, New You, & New Beginnings to All of You!

We are currently sitting under a Super Full Moon in Cancer and I'm sure you can feel her watery wisdom beckoning you to the inner realms of your Soul.
I spent this weekend in ceremony and rituals that included steam rooms, saunas, tears, sweat, proclamations over water and lots of writing.

This New Year I choose to step fully and wholeheartedly on my Path. I am inspired by my never ending passions and fierce purpose. I honor my union to myself, the Earth and the Cosmos.

The Intentions are set.  I am Ready.

I have spent 13 Moons creating, connecting and accepting my path with The Wild Moon Society.

I am honored for this responsibility and sacred assignment.
It has been trial & error, research & development, blood, sweat and tears. Literally..

It has been a Wild & Free ride through the realms of Earth, the Universe, Community and Myself. And Holy Goddess hips I'm ready for another!

I've spent the last two months connecting to the vision and purpose of The Wild Moon Society and I am beyond excited to share the new phase of this Community.
After a year of exploring what people need, it has become very obvious.


I heard the cry, and I answered.

I am blessed to have this community grow to what it has in just a year, and I am excited for what's to come in this New Beginning!

Please enjoy the new website, creations and offerings that are now included in The Wild Moon Membership!

I see you . I feel you. I hear you.

Peace in this New Year my friends..


The Wild Moon Society