King of Fire

Under the skies of a Crescent Moon in Aries,

the King of Fire beckons you..

He searches for the Passion in your eyes,

The Desires in your belly,

and the Warrior in your heart..

Can you take your current pressures and fuel it into Inspiration?


Can you lay down the distractions of others,

your addictions to drama,

your agendas of fear..

Be not concerned with the triggers, shadows or judgments of others, for it is their lesson, not yours.

You are Divine.

You are Whole.

You are a sacred piece in the fabric of the Cosmos.

The King of Fire is asking you to get fully behind your Vision right now.

Set your Intention.

Remain focused.

Be the change you want to see.

The World needs leaders right now.

What example are your setting for those around you?

Walk through your Fires and into the caves of Creation.


Your Destiny awaits you..