The Planets are aligned this week to focus on a major aspect of your life-


The Sun, Venus, Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn right now!  Mars and Jupiter are conjunct in Scorpio, all of the planets are DIRECT,  Lions, and Tigers and Bears- OH MY!

Some topics being honored or ignored on the planet right now: "What am I doing with my life? Where does my Power come from? Where does my Power go? What do I want to do with this next decade? Next 30 years?  How is the health of my goals and ambitions? Where do I need an Upgrade? A Reset? What impact do I have on the home, community and planet? Who do I want to become? Is my life structured to support that person? What legacy will I leave behind?"

Woof. Capricorn Season is no joke.


You're either thriving in it, or drowning.


However, Capricorn is the Father who is reminding you of the life vest he gave you before you got in! All you have to do is put the ugly, uncomfortable thing on and use it!


The only thing that is holding you back at this moment is YOURSELF.


Capricorn says, "There are no excuses. There is only NOW, what the F*#k are you doing with it?"

So my friends, will you listen to this uncomfortable and oh so needed advice from the Father of the Zodiac?

Will you accept that we all need to take personal responsibilities for our life? Are you ready to drop the Victim mode? The Saboteur?

Capricorn reminds you, "You came to this planet with a Mission.. Hows that going?"


Remember, this is a BEAUTIFUL time of year that helps you get back on track, to come home to yourself, to be comfortable in your own skin. This is how Capricorn loves on you.


This is a Cosmic Message to come back to You, come back to Love and to come back Home.


Until Next week: Breathe, Feel and Be.


If you looking for help to navigate all of the above-  Join me tonight for 'Astrology and Lunar Guidance' where I will be discussing all of this at 7pm!