3 things that are holding you back..

I just had a great conversation with someone who is on the fence about signing up for “SHIT TO STARDUST” and she said this beautiful and impacting question: She stated that she knows what she has to do, what she needs to, AND how to do it- but why isn’t she? Why isn’t she getting up every day and going for it? Doing what’s required? And so on.. Damn, haven’t we all been there!? Or maybe you’re there right now!

My response to her was that in these situations we are lacking 3 things: ENERGY, MOTIVATION & ACCOUNTABILITY! These are the three things you’re definitely not getting from your family, friends, society, work, etc - you get my drift.. and if you are: cuddos!

These are the three things that will hold people back from getting their dreams off the ground and running. This is why so many good ideas turn into “back burner projects”. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling all year that there isn’t a moment to lose! There isn’t a minute to waste and I’ve got to go be the lighthouse I’m here to be!

Fortunately for you, these are the areas I excel at! So much so, that I’ve designed an entire 10 week manifestation incubator for it! Imagine being with a small, intimate group of people who are showing up for themselves and their future 110%! Imagine a think tank where we all inspire the shit out of each other! Imagine being in a space that give you energy all week long for you to get behind your passions! Imagine learning tools for accountability and integrity that empowers you to move forward with your vision! Yup, this is what I’m here to do! This is how I show up for my crew day in and day out! This work excites me to my bones and I can’t wait to see who’s with us!

There are ONLY 7 spots left- Opening ceremony starts Monday the 15th! Are you ready to step the f@ck up?! Are you ready to go after your visions, passions and purpose! I know I am! Are you?


Today’s gift for joining the program is the book we’ll be covering over the 3 months: Dr. Joe Dispenza’s “Becoming Supernatural” will be sent to you upon your deposit to the program! Link in bio for more details!

Jayme Gray