What is your Earth mission?

The closer I get to this latest project and the deeper I go into meditation for it, the more I realized just how expansive this next step is here for me as an Earth Guardian!

Today I pulled this card and was flooded with information and creative energy for “Shit to Stardust”! It became quite clear to me, that the Earth has guided me to this exact moment- here to steward others towards their work with the Earth! And I couldn’t be more honored🙏🏼🌏

Already enrolled in the program, we have people who- want to open up dog rescues, support the cannabis movement, open wellness centers, provide personalized meditations for transformation to trauma, open crystal shops, design trips for rest and wellness, & I could go on!

Pinch me- is this really happening?! These folks have said YES to their Earth work! They have said yes to themselves and have said hell yes to the journey we are about to embark on!

I am here to help them Navigate towards their dreams, through the blocks and over the hurdles that are holding them back. As an Earth Keeper, it is my duty to help support others with that which will help save this gorgeous home of ours-Mother Earth!

I can’t wait to see what these people create out of this program, what relationships will be made and what Earth magic will happen in front of our eyes!

Do you feel you have a mission here? Do you feel strongly pulled to the Earth and helping her? Do you feel strongly connected to nature and would like to learn more? Have you had a crappy few years you would like to turn into Gold? Do you want an excess of energy, motivation and inspiration over the next 10 weeks?! Do you want a team of peers supporting you along the way?

Then this program is for you!

There are ONLY 4 SPOTS LEFT!

Opening ceremony starts Monday night! Are you ready for what you came here to do on EARTH?! Are you with us?🌿🌏🌙 Payment plans available- message me if you want to book a Discovery call with me tomorrow🌿🌱🍃

Jayme Gray