What scares you?

Today I welcome 6 brave souls into my transformational masterclass!

Getting to this point scared the crap out of me... I worried about it being a flop and the thought of no one signing up literally had me up at night.

I’ve opened two businesses, and still get scared AF starting a new and bigger project every time! 

Regardless of the fears, I had this deep knowing that this was exactly what I needed to do next for myself, the earth, and my community. I poured my creativity and my soul into this project. I had breakthrough after breakthrough; all which catapulted me into a new level of awareness that I was ready to see! 

This program has been an idea I’ve worked on since 2012, and it just wasn't ready to come out!

Until now- during this wild year of 2018 that has flipped so many of us upside down and inside out! Now, together we are ready for massive upgrades, mega shifts and moving through to our next level!

Opening ceremony was a gorgeous flow of excitement, engagement, nervousness, proclamations, inspiration and ended with a meditative journey to see our future lives in 2023! This was a powerful kickoff to this program!

The energy was palpable, as it radiated from person to person! Each one of these brave souls decided to do something scary today!

They decided to choose themselves and their futures. They decided to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. As I write this, the winds are roaring outside!

Change is upon us..

Are you ready for these changes? Do you have a community of people to truth speak with? To work on integrity, accountability and humility with? A crew that will inspire you to push past your fears and go for it?! I know we are! And this is what I am putting my energy into for the rest of the year! Holding a sacred space for those choosing monumental growth!

There are still some seats open to this transformational event, and then the doors will be locked and sealed for 2018!

The programs next launch won’t be till March of 2019 for $799!

So if you want to be part of this first round for $499 -sign up today and get your first payment in now;)

Blessings to you Earth Keeper!

Jayme Gray