The Art Of Truth Speaking

I don’t know about you, but the last few weeks have been all about confronting uncomfortable feelings and having an honest, transparent conversation about them or anyone involved!

Woof! And you?

Did you think you were evading the grasp of Venus retrograde in Scorpio?! If you’ve been avoiding these types of conversations, then the next two weeks are going to be mighty interesting for ya..

I can tell you this, after weeks of standing in my power, my truth and my nature- I am feel more powerful then I ever have! I feel more confident. I feel stable and strong. I feel like a QUEEN finally! But this didn’t just happen overnight...

I Showed up to do the work! I got a coach, I joined a business program, I’m reading a book called fierce conversations, I recalled what I’ve learned about Truth speaking, I tapped into my Capricorn/Scorpio energy. I went deeper with my Earth relationship. I dove down into the dark cave and dug like a mother f$&ker for the GOLD! I brought it to the surface and placed it in my heart!

Truth speaking may not be easy at first- but boy does it become a second nature! The minute you work on your integrity and say yes to getting In alignment with your life, is the minute all the fun begins!

You start to see all types of places in your life that are out of integrity: relationships, finances, work life, self care, the list goes on!

Tonight we will discuss what truth speaking is and how to invite it into your life! We will cover some basic principles for how to get started and how easy it really can be!

So if you are sick and tired of small talk, walking on eggshells, avoiding the pink elephant in the room, playing small and hiding your power/ THIS IS THE CALL FOR YOU!

See you at 7pm Live on The Wild Moon Society Network! (That’s right, I’ve created my own tv network😎 and these are our shows and topics! You can get access to all of it for $33/month! Netflix better watch the f@ck out!!)

Jayme Gray