From Shit to Stardust

Transformation is no joke. This work is raw, unapologetic, intense and often the most rewarding shit you’ve ever done in your life. I had the please of taking 6 humans on such a  journey over the past few days and I sit here in a puddle of awe for these souls as I write this! They showed up 100%, ready to be fully seen and heard, eager to be guided through a deep dive into what is holding them back from having what they want in life or being who they came here to be. It wasn’t pretty. It never is. It’s scary, wild and true. It’s vulnerable and uncomfortable. It’s transparent and emotional. And even though these words might make you nervous, it’s actually what humans are craving: transparency, freedom, authenticity, connection! And soooo much more!

I take a deep bow to these folks, for being brave and wanting more! For saying yes and stepping up!
The Earth is asking us to level up right now! Can you feel it? Are you being called to step into the next version of you? Even though we’ve all done this dozens of times, (just think back 10 years😳) it never gets easier! Yet here we are at another threshold, with the Earth’s drum banging in your heart, the Skies screaming your name, you Spirit stretching to a new level, all in attempt to call you home!
Home to yourself, your mission, your true authentic self. Are you Ready?
I’m asking just a few brave and ready souls to take such a journey with me. Together we will track North. Together we will see each other and hear about our heart’s desires. From seed to harvest we will prep, nurture, prune and pluck. We will head into the rest of this year as a team. Supporting and witnessing this raw human experience! I’m stepping up my game to fully step into my role as a guide here on planet Earth! What will you step into?From Shit to Stardust starts October 15th- a 10 week process that will definitely cause magic and miracles all over your life. There’s only 8 spots left! Are you in?($499 for program in full or $111 monthly installments + full access for 90 days to The Wild Moon Society)

Jayme Gray