Welcome to Scorpio Season!

Welcome to Scorpio Season My fellow Wild Mooners!

The time has come for massive transformation, big changes and stepping fully into your Power! Scorpio season adds- “whether you like it or not!” 😎

I’m honored to be taking 9 Gorgeous Souls through a transformational container that will last til the end of the year.

The evolution I had to go through in the last year to get to this Leadership position was anything but easy. With my ascendant in Scorpio, I’ve spent my entire life transforming through Wild Fires and rising from the ashes, over and over.. The older I get, the more intense they are! I’ve surrendered to this process, I’ve surrendered to the outcome, and I’ve surrendered to the hight at which I will soar like the Eagle!

Taking humans who are ready to evolve, on a journey through their own fire is the most important, intense and honorable thing I’ve ever done in MY LIFE!

And every bizarre uncomfortable, itchy step got me to this exact moment and I’m Thriving in it! This work fills me with inspiration, joy and delight! Honestly, it’s left me in heaping sobs of amazement and disbelief this week!

I’m fully in alignment with my soul and this gorgeous planet. It wasn't easy getting here, but boy is the view worth it!

This Scorpio season is teaching us, Your Evolution is the Revolution! What will you do with the gem of a month?!

Jayme Gray