Grounding in Equilibrium

Mmmmm, doesn’t that just sound so good to your soul?! Balanced, Still, Grounded, Stable, Centered and Earth based are the words that come to my mind..

Just popping my head into social, empathing the country and checking in with folks, tells me one thing for sure: we are not any of those words above! Add on Libra Season and the residue of that Air trine we just went through and Le sigh.. but it’s okay- because we’ll be chatting and connecting about it tonight!

As an Earth Guardian, one of my favorite things to do is help folks ground. If you’re feeling the want for stability and community, feel free to reach out!

(Members gain full access to this call. If you’re looking for more about grounding, it will be a big topic in our new program called “From Shit to Stardust!” Starting October 15th!

A 10 week transformational event to set you off on your dream path! Reach out if you’re ready to embody you next step!)

Jayme Gray