Ready to move a Mountain?

A common story I’ve had through my entire life was the belief that each person on the planet had a special gift here to bring to the world.

As a child I was patted on the head with looks of naivety. As a teen I would battle for this belief and in my 20s it would go full steam argument with people who just couldn’t get it. “What about (insert dark shit) huh?” At some point I just stopped.

As much as I know our human brains will never be able to understand such levels of harm, anguish or hatred, I can believe we’re here to bring the same level of Love, Passion and Miracles to the playing field. And this I can believe.

I believe it’s actually you that has all of the answers you’re looking for. I believe you know deep down inside what you actually want! You just need some help getting there.. I also believe you know exactly why you’re here and what you came for. Actually, it comes up pretty quickly if you ask the right questions!

Unfortunately, we’ve not been taught such tools in life. If you’re lucky you’ve have a friend, family member or teacher help you get there. If you’re serious, you get someone to help you get there.

This was definitely a missing piece to my puzzle. I struggled with needing to do it on my own. I owned the Lone Wolf archetype! It’s was easy and safe. And it got me to that same space over and over. Until the day came where my Soul’s craving for more was so loud it was all I could hear!

So I did the scary ass, vomit in my mouth, hell no, I can’t possibly, please don’t make me thing...

I asked for help.

The rewards of this one simple action have been so big that I probably won’t be able to share them with you for a while.

The magic that came pouring in from that one step, has created avalanches of abundance.

And I’m just getting started.

Fortunately, I committed to myself that I won’t and can’t stop. Deeply knowing that I wouldn’t give up this work if I was paid all the money in the world. This is what I’m here on Earth for and I wholeheartedly believe you have every answer you’re looking for. I know you know what you want to do, it’s just that no one has asked you.. or me, or we..

It’s cool though, times are changing, things are happening.. and I’m asking you right now!!!

Are you ready to make some noise?

Are you ready to move some mountains?!

⛰ 🏔⛰🏔⛰

Jayme Gray