Sacred Samhain

And just like that, the wheel of the year turns to it’s next position! Tonight under this high holy day of Samhain, I invite you to get still and clear. Many moons ago you ancestors prayed, called out and connected to your spirit.

Now you have the ability to see that you are what they were asking for. You are exactly what the WORLD needs right now. What gifts do you bring to this life? What is your purpose here on this gorgeous planet?

Let messages flow in from your ancestors and loved ones tonight. Meditate on your new beginnings. Pray for your lineage. Eat with the spirits of the past. Light a candle for reverence. The veil is the thinnest on this night and makes for a great time to listen and celebrate.

Tonight I grieve heavily for the passing of my mother 9 months ago, as it is her birthday. This time has always been special to us, and now it takes on a whole new meaning. I may not be able to see her and hug her, but boy was I awakened to my spirit line going off this morning!

Our loved ones are safe and all around us trying to HELP US! Are you listening?!

Blessings to you on this Sacred Samhain🔥🔥🔥

Jayme Gray