Are you a Yes or a No vibe?

This year I’ve been really curious about habitual behavioral patterns. I’m studying  lots about neural network science and how to create new “tracks” that will support the optimal life path I’m on.

One habitual trap I caught myself in a few weeks ago was the “No” vibrational track. I would use my intellect to explain why I didn’t need things, even if I wanted them. I would play incessant “conversations” in my head to wiggle out of saying yes. I was at a No before I even opened my mouth!

It wasn’t until there was something in front of me that I really wanted! Something that made me scared to say Yes to and wicked uncomfortable about the price tag- but I was already having visions of me enrolled into it, so psychically it was too late! Fack!

It was in that moment when I had a HOLY BREAKTHROUGH! Looking out the window, practicing my No speech, it hit me:

“OMG, I’ve been pushing away magic, miracles, help and love because I’m carrying around a NO vibration for anything I want BUT think I can’t have!”

Boom... At that point I started to scream YES over and over! It didn’t matter what I was saying, it was the vibration I was allowing into my cell tissue. It was the Energetic Signature I had been craving! It was the feeling of being packed with possibility and magic.It was that expansiveness thing I was missing. It was the infinite space of YES I was so desperately needing. 

To add to the shit storm,  I was saying yes to things, when I really wanted to say no! (Mostly relationships, but that a whole other blog post. Woof..)

So I ask you: are you a Yes Vibe or a No Vibe?! Are you walking around with infinite potential or infinite excuses all day?

Are you craving a different life, career, relationship and bank account but say No to every opportunity that comes your way?

Hmm, it’s interesting right?!?

I want to help you get to THIS breakthrough, because it’s crucial for your Future! Guiding a human through a breakthrough is one of the most exhilarating things I have ever done! It’s what I’m here on Earth to do-

And I’m fucking awesome at it!

If you’re ready for massive AHA moments, full body breakthroughs and blasting through habitual patterns, then it’s time for us to connect! I’ve got two ways for you to get in front of me and my Expansive Fuck YES energy!

If you’re looking for MASSIVE transformation- let’s work together one on one! I’ve got 6 week to 6 month programs depending on your vision, goals and commitment to yourself.

If you’re looking for a wild and exciting ride with 10 other humans who want to materialize their dreams, then my latest live course “From Shit to Stardust” is perfect for you! It starts October 15th and runs for 10 straight weeks of Magic!

So, are you ready to go after what you want? Are you scared shitless, excited and uncomfortable right now? Awesome!

So,  I’ll ask you again...

Are you a Yes vibe or a No vibe?!

Jayme Gray