Dark Moon Weekend

As we head into the dark moon phase of the lunar cycle we are reminded of our journey inward. The moon shows us how to go “dark” every 29.5 days.

Just like it’s always the darkest right before dawn, it’s the darkest time of the lunar cycle  right before the new moon!

She teaches us that this time is sacred, magical and oh so f*$king needed! Imagine if we all took a “time out” once a month? Imagine if we all took time to explore our instincts and intuitive messages? Imagine if we plunged into the depths of our deep inner knowing AND had it’s back! (Insert massive collective sigh)

To me, this has always been one of the most powerful times of the lunar cycle. It has taught me the most about my ferocious tendencies and also of self love. It reminds me monthly of the power that resides within me. It reminds me to check in with my wild woman once a month before I end up ripping someone’s head off! I won’t deny it because we’ve all been there and this is why.

This will be the time of month I definitely teach my children about. How to honor thy self, thy needs and thy magic. This is the time to connect. This is the time to rest in your truth. This is the time of month that you couldn’t hide your authentic truth if you paid someone to keep their eyes closed! This is the time of the lunar cycle to just be, feel and let go.

So take this wisdom tonight, take it to your dreams, take it to your inner wild. Choose you this weekend. Say no to the no’s and yes to the yes’s! We prepare for one of the most intense new moons of the year, so listen to what your instincts are telling you. Sit in your shit. Honor those uncomfortable feelings sitting in your guts. Listen to the messages of your heart. Let come up what needs to. Let out what’s ready to leave. Together we will cross the threshold of the new moon on Monday and start the cycle all over again my friends. Do you this weekend!

Blessed be to you under this Moon my Earth dwellers!

Jayme Gray