New Moon in Libra

Under this New Moon you can’t help but feel all of this new energy, opportunities and possibilities!

Every where I turn I’m hearing stories of great adventure, gorgeous offers, brilliant ideas and a sparkle in the eye of the beholder! It’s happening y’all and we’ve been waiting our entire life for this moment!

The Earth and Skies are aligned for quite the ride over the next couple months and I don’t know about you, but I’m buckled up and ready!

However, this magnificent energy doesn’t come to us without a reciprocal occurrence. It has become blatantly clear that we must end, drop or let die what needs to in order for us to take a step across the threshold of divine, infinite potential!

We are seeing many ends to relationships, careers, karma, situations, storylines and so much more..

Good golly, it’s Wild out there!

While the exciting stuff is just around the bend, I’m here to remind you that releasing and grieving is just as important as those next steps. In fact, your ability to do so, will dictate just how far you will step out.

So take time tonight to deeply feel wherever you are. Release what you know deep in your heart isn’t right for you. Breathe into the places you’ve been avoiding the most. Let go of the ideas of the old you and wake up tomorrow refreshed.

Wake up tomorrow, get grounded and write out your intentions for the next month and year!

On New Moons I make videos for our Wild Moon Members with 3 intentions to set. New Moons have always been so powerful for me and it brings me joy to spread the wealth of this knowledge! Link in bio if you’re curious about membership.

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Holy crap- 8 days from now!

It’s a intimate group of souls that will be harnessing the powerful energy of this year and fueling it towards our dreams and desires! Are you in?! If you’re feeling like there isn’t time to loose, this is definitely the course for you! Link to sign up or pay your first installment coming tomorrow!

Dm or email me with any questions💎💎💎💎

Jayme Gray