Hiding in the broom closet?

Today I became aware of the ways in which I am still hiding and playing small, stuffing my work away in the broom closet, hoping not many notice. I hide behind the scenes of the 3 membership groups I run and do all the behind the scenes work for both of our businesses. It's safe and cozy in the cave and I'm sure you can relate in some aspect of your life!

After a full day of being coached on where I'm not showing up and feeling the fear roll through my body in tidal waves, I realized I had to do something about it.  The thought of being fully seen, terrifies me!

However the thought of going the rest of my life dimming my light because I think others won't like it or get me, scares me even more..

I realized that taking action was going to be the only way through this. I've spent years helping people reconnect to their bodies, spirit, soul's purpose, deep truths, creations and businesses, missions, breath, pain, archetypes, higher selves and more! These things shall be celebrated- not kept hidden any longer. 

I am a lighthouse here and present for those who are ready to embark on a transformational journey. I'm here for the big changes, the breakthroughs, wins and evolutions.  I am a large, still mirror for those who are ready to see themselves fully. I am here to help people help themselves. I am all about empowerment and deep reverence. I am here to remind you of your unique gifts and how desperately needed they are right now!

I'm committing to showing up more publicly for this sacred work. My goals and visions are huge and I want to share them with you! I've got major things coming and will need all the loving support I can get. It will truly take a tribe to build what I am commissioned here to create and I am ready. Blessed be to all of you on this powerful and glorious Day!

Jayme Gray