100 Thoughts of Gratitude

This week in Shit to Stardust we explored the idea of Blooming and Expanding with Delight! We discussed neural biology, behavior patterns and habits. We talked about the ego and how it wants to keep us small and protected. We talked about spirit, our soul contracts and who we’re here to be for the World!

One of the exercises the Stardusters are doing is to pattern reset their brains with 100 Thoughts of Gratitude” a day! On average, Americans have 100k thoughts a day!

NUTS, right?!?! Are they amazing, new, million dollar thoughts? Nope. They are most likely repetitive, obsessive, negative thoughts that are keeping us small, controlled, in fear and separate.

To combat this and create some new neurological grooves- I’ve discovered that GRATITUDE is a simple, easy and free way of creating freedom in our minds.

Do you think you could find 100 things a day to be grateful for? The air in your lungs, warm food in your belly, your fur babies, green plants, your working car, hot shower, ability to call someone who loves you, etc.

TRY it out!

Start with 10 when you wake up, and do another 10 when you hit your morning lull. Continue throughout the day and do it for 30 days!

Gratitude is the kind of high vibe emotion that attracts abundance into your life! Simply being grateful for your life and the gifts around you will open doorways you couldn’t imagine!

Give it a whirl this week and let us know how it’s going!

Jayme Gray