Community, Ceremony & Connection

One of my favorite things to do over the course of my life has been to talk with people. I would listen to their stories, hear their dreams, let them express their pains, speak their truths, share their secrets with me, their deepest desires,all of it.I'm not joking, this started around 3.. I've been subconsciously studying the needs and wants of humans for 30 years now!

The Wild Moon Society has allowed me the space to hone in on what I think are the biggest missing pieces we are facing today:

Community, Ceremony & Connection

Sadly, we are shut up in our individual homes alone or with our family, watching screens and dying for some connection. Literally.

It has become my mission to bring back these pillars of civilization.

To teach humans the power of sharing and seeing one another. Of experiencing miracles and heartbreak. Of celebrating and mourning. Finding connection to yourself, each other, the Elements, the Planet, the Sun and Moon. Of initiations and rites of passage. Of rituals and sacred moments. Of silence and stillness. Of chaos and intensity.  Bearing witness to Life and Death.

It's a laugh to think we can go through this by ourselves.. I know I can't do this alone.

I know we need each other.

I know the planet needs us.

So, my sister and brothers..

I reach my hand our to you.

Are you in? -Jayme Rose

The Wild Moon Society