Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn

As La Luna flows into the last Quarter phase in Capricorn, she asks you to invite ease into you life.

The words often used to describe a Capricorn are organized, diligent, structured and authoritative. Be that as it may, the eldest Earth sign on the Zodiac wheel, has a much deeper layer of wisdom to be respected here. Capricorn’s are masters of simplicity and sovereigns of the present moment.

Many view them as complex beings of shadowed intrigue, when in reality they prefer nothing more than the sanctuary of silence.

Capricorn teaches us how to enjoy a hot cup of tea, sunlight pouring through a window, a novel and music floating down the hall on a Sunday’s lounge. She is captivated by the sounds of Spring and the warmth of an animal’s touch.

She lingers in the gaze of her lover, a delicious meal, and the smile of a child. She revels in each moment and refuses to be ruled by her emotions. She respects each contraction and expansion of the Moon and her tides. She swoons in the mysteries of nature and the planet, not needing any explanation. Capricorn just is.

She highlights the difference between freedom and suffering, and asks you to define for yourself.

So many on the planet are searching for enlightenment and peace, while Capricorn holds the key in the power of Now. For many, that answer is too plain, boring or bland and will spend a century searching outside of themselves.

Head the wisdom of Capricorn under this Moon. Carve out some space for yourself to just be. Ask family for help to get some time off or to get away. Even if it’s just 30 minutes to lay and listen to a meditation or sit in silence. Notice what flares up and what shadows surface, as it will help you evolve on your blessed path here. Capricorn reminds you, that if you can breath and walk without pain, you are doing better than many on the planet. Can you accept this noble truth?

Blessings on this day, my Earth friends..