Libra Moon

If you get still enough you can feel this moon on your skin, your hair, your toes. It tingles on your tongue as you speak her name. It lengthens your spine towards the sky and the ground. She whispers your name as your drift to sleep. She’s watching and she’s waiting. Will you accept her?

On instinct, you climb into her lap where she rocks and lulls you to the bridge between worlds. The place of liminality. The place that has no name. She sooths your spirit and drains the pain. She lures you to her growing roundness, becoming wilder by the moment. 

This Moon wants you high and low, wide and deep. She beckons you to the chair that sits between light and chaos. She takes you to the frontlines of love and fear. She guides you to her scales of authenticity and honor. Are you holding your breath?

What do you feel here? 

Can you come to your heart and feel the stillness?

Can you walk to the center of the wheel? 

Close your eyes and feel the void. Trust the space of in between. This is where magic lives, my sweet friend. This is where we have all come, and where we all must go. Sit in this sweetness. The luscious vibration of the universe is throbbing in your veins. 

Let go. 

Just be. 

For you, for me, for we.. 

Blessed Be