Layers of Scorpio

You may find yourself riding the layers of Scorpio today and tomorrow, as we charge up for the Full Moon on Tuesday!

I’ve been using a vision I had a few years ago about Scorpio to help people understand the different stages of possibly,  the most mysterious sign on the wheel.

When transiting through Scorpio Seasons, Moons, your chart or lessons- try and figure which one of these levels you’re at:

1. Salamander: slapping around in the muck, hiding in the mud, tricking prey onto its tongue and being extremely secretive. Is this you right now with emotions, issues or shadow work?

2. Snake: slithering on its belly with a surface view- detecting, hissing and licking its way through life, sniffing out movement and is comfortable in the heat of the moment. Is this you right now, in your current life situation?

3. Eagle: soaring above the World, rising to divine heights, with supreme vision and the freedom to roam as an apex predictor. Is this a level you usually get to?

This analogy has helped me tremendously through the years. Next time you find yourself moving through some Scorpio lessons, shadows or changes- run yourself through these layers and see where you have any room to grow or RISE!

Enjoy your Evolution!