Alas, we uncoil ourselves towards the heavy, round and bright Lover in the sky!

Tonight, she sings songs of Freedom, while she drips sweet nectars of Truth towards the Earth..

“What is Freedom to you?!” She asks, as she pulls down the shades of illusion and disguise.

Under this sky we may be made to see what is holding us back or keeping us down. Naturally the answer is ourselves, of course, but to what degree? And what do we do about it?

You can see and feel the themes for the planet right now : financial freedom, sexual freedom, time freedom, just to name a few. However, I challenge us to go a bit deeper here...

I’ve spent weeks unraveling two truths I know many of us are ready to receive:

First is the ability to recognize and understand that we are here to Evolve. That means: fucking up, learning, being challenged, growing, stumbling, getting messy and uncomfortable.

However, no one is okay with that!

It’s part of the human dilemma. When we are faced with a shadow, lesson or trigger we automatically become defensive, judgmental and start projecting. Sorry, but we all do it. And If you’re currently doing the above right now as you read this: my point is made even more clear. Wink wink..

So, if we can instead relax into that fact that this is the exact reason we are here on Earth, living a human life of lessons for our Soul’s highest evolution, then maybe we can chill the f*#k out!

Because believe me, when you’re done with your lessons, you’re out and onto your next lifetime.

This difficult life you’re living is actually the miracle you were given. So take this truth and let yourself bask in the reality of being on a planet with billions of humans trying to learn as much as they can and grow as energetic beings of light!

This is Freedom.

The second is the absolute Truth that we are the tool, the temple and the answer to all of our questions and problems.

Many people spend countless hours and lots of money searching outside of themselves for their power, path and purpose. Of course this is part of the journey, but life and light is speeding up, and it’s time we accept this truth.

We are the answer, our story is the way, our unique light is the path. Get aligned with this and no one will be able to stop you.

This is Freedom.

Of course enjoy your tools and help along the way! But if you’re that person bouncing from seminar to video to retreat begging every teacher and medium in sight for guidance, I would suggest sitting down to take a breath.

It’s our responsibility to get clear enough for the messages and insights to flow into our beings. It’s our right to receive them.

How clear are you? How is your temple? Are you free?

The answer and path is much simpler than you think.

You are the way...

Are you ready?!