New Moon in Gemini

Here are 3 intentions you can set today under the start to a New Lunar Cycle! I spoke these over the Sea and suggest you get to any type of nature to state these glorious Soul Intentions!

1.) I fully step into my new self today. I step into my new skin that has been waiting for me all along. I release the old self, the old baggage, the old paradigms, dimensions and timelines that no longer serve me. I willingly step into the new Me. The she that is ready to be. The she that always was and always will be. She who has been wanting to come through for a long time. I now step wholeheartedly into myself.


2.) I do the above with no cords of connection. No attachments to any outcome. I surrender to the process. I surrender any idea I have around it. I surrender my dreams and wishes, as they many not be in that of my highest vibration. I fully surrender any outcomes to the Sea. I fully understand the Universal Law that states any attachment I have to an outcome is causing it to be controlled or manipulated. Therefore I release it to the sea to come back some day much changed and charged. I surrender to my freedom. I surrender to my faith.


3.) I choose to stay present in the magic of every moment, because this is the only moment we ever have. I choose to stay present in my now. I choose to do and feel with integrity and honesty. I AM.

Release these intentions off to the Sea, into the Earth or off into the Sky!

Blessed Be