Waning Half Moon in Pisces

Under this waning half moon in Pisces, I conjure the sacred geometry and energy of the "Vesica Piscis" also know as the bladder of the fish, the vulva of the Goddess, Christ consciousness itself, the blending of two worlds, the space that has no name, liminality and a rite of passage.. Surely, such an intense time such as this month, would require the assistance of the forces that lay within our existence.

The time right before the Summer Solstice provides us with the beautiful wisdom of the Full Blessed Bloom! And you know what makes that bloom even sweeter, brighter and stronger? Weeding. Hence, this next week before the New Moon in Gemini, a start to a new lunar cycle, is the perfect time do some weeding in your own life.

First go back 6 months to that of the frozen ground and root phase: What intentions were you setting back in December? What wishes did you make under the Winter Solstice skies? Who did you wish to become? What were you planning to usher in?

Next, spend some time reviewing the last 6 months of your life. I follow the Ancient Celtic Green Way and honor the 'Law of Returning Tide' which teaches us, "whatever you cast into the Sea of Life returns to you, often changed, unrecognizable and much more powerful that when it left you".

  It teaches us to take responsibility of not only our actions, but that of oour thoughts, words and dreams.  So, spend a few hours or even days looking back on the last 6 months: What has come from these intentions? What has come back to you from the Tides of Life? What have you harvested from the seeds of your intentions thus far?

I know deep in my heart that this moon is giving us a time to See through the Psychic Pisces lens. A time to feel deeply all that we have created in our life. Maybe this is a time of celebration for you. Maybe it is a time of rest. Maybe it's time for you to come out into the sun and dance a little? Either way, do it with full embodiment. Do it with your highest intention and utmost attention. Do it with honor and peace and love.

Let these words that I cast, take you to the space of Liminiality, the place where everything and nothing exists at the same time. Go to this place and see all that you will ever be my friend.

Blessed be under these mysterious nights:)