Enjoy your Evolution

If change is the only constant we can count on, then there must be a shift in the perception of each individual on the planet, where one realizes their need for adaptation. This transformation is constantly in motion and yet many still have such a hard time with the vastness of change.

Nothing in nature is meant to stay the same and neither are we. The Universe is in constant motion. Our 75 trillion cells that make up the human body are changing every day. Literally, we aren’t the same person as yesterday.

We are here to evolve! It’s very simple..

We’re here to evolve: ourselves, consciousness, all living beings and even the planet!

So, if you can sit with this Universal truth and accept it’s flow, then you may find yourself starting to enjoy it!

Life no longer becomes a prison of things you can’t control, but instead more like a game you get to partake in. Yes, crazy shit happens to people around the world all day long and non of that we can change (or so we think)... But we have all sorts of power in the areas of acceptance and adaptability.. Our reactions, intentions and energy will be the theme of our ride on the river of Evolution. 

Many spiritual paths speak about the “ability to ride the waves” of life as their metaphor for how we focus, use and care for our energy. We have systems designed to help people “accept the things they cannot change, the courage to change the things we can and the wisdom to know the difference” as a primary task! The nature of change is embedded in our DNA. All we have to do is align with it.

What are your feelings around the theme of change? Do you feel free or scared when change comes knocking at your door?

So much of the ascension process is sifting through the muck, illuminating that which is ready to be healed, and the changes we’ve been preparing for millennia. We’re bridge builders and the time has come..

Your Evolution is your Revolution and it’s time to start enjoying it!

So today I extend to you an invitation to enjoy yourself, this summer, this life and the crazy, wild path you choose this time around!

Blessed be to you!