What will you choose?

During Libra Season - it could go either way, all day long! Lol


Okay, jokes aside, what will you choose today?

Do you have a fire burning in your heart with a dream you’ve had for years? Do you know deep down you’re here for something really important? Do you know this with 💯 accuracy, but still can’t get around the energetic roadblocks of drama, chaos and world events?

Do you feel there is an expiration date to these dreams and you can feel the doors closing in?

Well friend, I’m here to help- Because this was me years ago (and let’s be real, last week too😽), having strong urges to rise up into my power, follow my dreams, leave mediocrity behind, go for what I couldn’t have, open multiple businesses and live as free as a fucking bird!

Alas, I’m here at a new crossroads- being asked to up level like a mofo (insert the entire year of 2018!) and I’ll be frank- it never gets easier. But I’ve got a hell of team, a tribe, and thousands of people waiting for me to step into the next best version of me so they can too!

Are you ready for the next best version of you? Can you feel the gap between you and her, and it feels Icky? Are you sick of the patterns that are holding you back from living the life you want? Yea, me too;)


This was an honest vulnerable letter to whom it may concern. This is me, on Earth, in the 3D, handing you the map and holding my torch up for you as I lead us to our souls destinations!

Are you in?!?!

Join me and an intimate group of humans for a 10 week journey into our hearts desires and manifest into the material world what it is you fucking want in life! It’s going to be a wild ride, it’s might get a little sketchy, and it’s definitely going to be fun! Are you feeling the call?! The Journey begins October 15th! More details coming soon!


This supreme question is asking you to look at the mirror your spirit is holding up for you.

What will you choose today?

Jayme Gray