2019 is here!

I have immense gratitude for all that happened with The Wild Moon Society In 2018!

Our website was visited 8,000 times by over 50 countries!

We interviewed inspirational people from around the world, connecting and weaving webs of light across the globe!

Our goal was community, connection & ceremony, and boy did we ever!

Looking back brings tears to my eyes...

Thank you to everyone who shared their light and passions with us in 2018!

As for this year, I’ve been sitting in meditation for weeks allowing the messages to pour in from Spirit.

These 3 words keep coming up: Joy, Nourishment & Abundance!

In these meditations I keep being told to Lead people towards healing, rest, and teaching people how to turn their light on..

Because this is what the planet needs!

First we must experience deep cellular healing and finding joy in pure rest.

This is a beautiful way we can connect to our deepest truths and cultivate reverence for ourselves.

From there we will SHINE and RISE!

Sharing our light across the world from the anchored and grounded roots we have laid down.

When this happens, we can experience nothing less than avalanches of abundance!

This is my path this year.

To guide, lead and teach those who are ready how to turn their light on!

If you’re ready to get a clear understanding of this years intentions that will best support your journey, I hope you join us in “Honor Your Resolution” that starts this Sunday night🔥

Blessings to you all on this glorious day🙏🏼

Jayme Gray