New Moon in Capricorn

It’s that time folks! Pull out your journal, put on a pot of coffee and grab some silent time to yourself!

It’s a New Moon in Capricorn and Solar Eclipse🙀

I spent the morning in meditation and writing out new lunar cycle intentions..

Capricorn is one of the signs I feel is evolving into a new identity. Away from the harsh, intense and strict themes it’s usually associated with and into a more vital, vulnerable and opportunistic role!

I’ve been feeling this for a few years now.. that the old, man made written/channeled aspects of the signs are also having a metamorphosis, just like we are.

Everything is in motion. Everything evolves.

People think they are safe in staying the same, and are held back by their fears of growth.

I’m here to tell you, it’s actually the opposite. There is real danger in staying the same. The only constant we have in the universe IS change. Evolution is happening whether you like it or not.

The draining act of gripping onto what you think is safe, is the exact thing that’s destroying the flow of creation in your life.

This new moon/Solar Eclipse is asking you to be vulnerable.

To trust what is bigger than you. To grow with the flow. This is a potent time to shift our mindsets! If you want to change your life, you HAVE to change your energy.

Capricorn asks, “Is your current life sustainable? It is supporting your vision? Is it stable enough to handle the next 7 years? Who are you here to be? What type of legacy do you want to leave behind? How can you rewrite your life TODAY?”

I suggest taking time today to let these questions percolate.

This Sunday I am leading 20 powerful Souls through an initiation into the next 7 year cycle of their life! Will you join us on this adventure? Are you ready to journey to you True Self?! If you are hearing your Soul calling, it’s time to listen!

We’ll see you on the other side of our transformations!🔥🔥🔥

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Jayme Gray