Gifts & Wounds

This is one of my favorite topics to explore and I find it fascinating! Think about it- that which we came here to do and who we came here to be is intrinsically connected to our biggest pains, shadows and wounds!

Whoah, talk about paradox right?

I believe that’s why it is so hard for people to tap into their power, their energy and their gifts.

This journey requires digging into sore spots, taking trips down memory lane, facing shadows, and a whole bunch of other scary crap!

Here is where my gifts and wounds tie in:

My wounds are about being an outcast! Being too much, too intense, too out there, too crazy, too fierce, too fast, too weird, too wild, etc.

I’ve listened to what other people have said about me for far too long. I’ve taken it to heart and let it be the reason for hiding my light for years.

That stops here and now.

Especially since:

1. I’ve been placed in their life to trigger the shit out of them (perks of being a fire breathing dragon 🐉🔥) 2. We’ve created a culture that masks judgement with concern/ and that shit has got to go!

The Irony: In the line of work I do, this is exactly what’s required of me to help people take their business to the next level, help them uncover past trauma, elevate them up, blow life force into them, inspire people to show up for their vision, and evolve into the next best version of themselves!

It only took me 33 years to figure this out! Lol

I do not suggest digging deep into this work solo, at least not at first.. Personally, I believe you should have a Guide with you as you start to peel back the layers of festering wounds that are ready to receive some oxygen.

This is the breath of fresh air we are all craving. This is our desire to be truly seen, heard and felt.

So if your friends and family can’t handle you or you feel like an outcast, come find me. I can handle your stories. I can hold space for you. I can bring you on a journey to find your gifts that are pushing up to the surface to find the light!

And that’s because I’ve been training for this my whole life! I was made for this work. I was sent here to be too much, to help heal the wounds of our planet, our ancestors and ourselves🔥

Blessed be! 

Jayme Gray