I’ve been designing and channeling this program for months and I’m honored to be able to share it with you now!

The time has come and many of us are ready to move forward with our lives, our health, our energy and purpose. It's time to come back home to ourselves and honor our deepest Truth:

You are the Gift, you are Needed & you are Ready!

We are here to Raise the Vibration of ourselves and the Planet.

Our Unique Light, Gifts and Presence is needed and requested.

I’m inviting you on a sacred journey to unite the Mind, Body and Spirit.

This course is offering you an opportunity to experience a profound healing, deep rest and a massive reset. You will experience a clearing of your pillar of Light, which will allow source energy to flow through you with Grace and Ease. If you’ve been wanting to connect with your Spirit, the Cosmos or the ancient wisdom of the Earth, then this is the program for you!

For some this will be a deep Healing.

For some this will be an Activation.

For some this will be an Initiation.

For it is time & You are ready!

You will be connecting more deeply with yourself than ever before. We will be traveling through the prime energy centers to clear a path for you to step forward in this life. You will learn how to call your energy back to yourself and how to cut cords to things that no longer serve you.

You will become aware of the stories on repeat in your body and cell tissues. These are the energetic imprints that block our gifts and lead to future calamities. It’s time to take personal responsibility and reclaim these areas of your body and life. This program is giving you the opportunity to rewrite these stories and create ones of empowerment in its place.

It’s Time to Liberate ourselves from the stories that are dictating our lives.

It’s Time to Align with our inner realms and reclaim our Wholeness.

It's Time to feel Powerful and Worthy again.

This program is designed to activate your Rainbow Bridge so that you can become a conduit for the Earth and Sky. During the weeks of this journey we will be activating each of your energy centers and learning how to invite life force to flow through the passage of your spine, core and spirit. You will be exploring the gifts and messages that each energy center has for you.  I believe we all hold the answers, knowledge and experience we need to heal, shine and share!

This program is for you if:

-You are bored with non stop social media and tv time

-You are feeling disconnected from yourself, your purpose, the world or your loved ones

-You feel like you don't have any energy, drive or passion

-You’ve experienced a forced rest this year- ie. injury or illness that is telling you to slow down

-You've lost the will to have fun, feel alive or enjoy life

-You know you're here for something important but can’t shift yourself to get there

-You feel blocked or lost on your path

-You’re exhausted of looking outside yourself for answers or guidance

-You’re ready to use your creations, your voice, and your body to bring peace to Earth

-You are ready to grow and know it’s times to move forward on your path

-You’re ready to step into your power

This 2 month journey Includes:

-An Introductory Course to understanding our energy centers

-7 Weeks of deep exploration of the main energy centers

-7 Meditative Journeys to the realms of Light

-7 Weeks of Intuitive writing exercises

-7 Weeks of vow making, rewriting and commitments to self

-7 Weeks of connecting in community to those on this journey with you

-Two months access to Jayme’s Monthly group coaching sessions, meditations, energy readings and classes that support these topics

-For those who choose Full Pay, they receive a complimentary private session with me (valued at $180/hour)


I'm here to help those, that are here to help the planet, help themselves first.

Im calling on the souls that are ready for this voyage.

Will it be you?!

Starts March 11th, 2019