My entire life I have manifested that which I wanted to see, hear, feel and be!

I’ve been doing this energetic dance with the Universe since I was a little girl - quietly making what I wanted to see come true. In a strong Irish Catholic immigrant household, I can tell you we were NOT talking about magic and manifestation - Even though Celtic magic was shining through every crack! But yet I knew how to do it and do it well…

In my late 20’s I started to align my soul’s mission and Heart’s work behind my manifestation abilities.  I’ve thrown myself off scary big cliffs (energetic ones obvi) over and over and over! Every time to be caught by my Faith, the Universe, my next step.

I love to help people Track North back to themselves. I love to help people transform into the next best versions of themselves.

Today I do this again with you. I’m going for that next big level. I’m going for the thing that has me shaking writing this. It’s taken me weeks to be able to connect with you about this topic that I hold so close to my heart. Actually, I had to have a good cry first before I could sit down and get this out.

2018 has been the most intense, wild, sad, magical, challenging, transformational, miraculous, inspiring, horrifying and powerful year I’ve, ummm, every flippin’ had! And it’s lined up to be the most powerful end of a year we’ve had in a long time.

Can you feel it?

As much as this year has been my best teacher and foe, I can tell you one thing for is sure: I can’t and WILL not play small anymore! I won't play small for me and I’m not going to play small for you. I’m here for the massive transformations! I’m here for the earth shattering breakthroughs! And I’m here to show you my map and lead the way!

Do you have a feeling that you are ready for a new YOU?

Do you have a dream you’ve kept on the back burner for months or years now?

Do you have a deep knowing that you have a BIG mission here in this life?

DO you envision yourself doing GORGEOUS things for the world and its inhabitants?

Are you getting sign after sign that you’re ready for a MASSIVE change?

Is every arrow in your life pointing to take a huge LEAP towards your Future?

Do you have this strong suspicion that you are here for more in this life?

Do you feel life speeding up and wondering how to harness the ENERGY?

Do you know you are WORTHY of a better life? A better job? A new love?

Do you believe there is a life out there for you that you THRIVE in?

Then from Shit to Stardust is for YOU!

Are you reciting prayer after prayer, mantra after mantra and still you haven’t received what your asking for?

Have you read every book on manifestation and still don’t get it?

Are you exhausted from spending your energy on everyone else’s life issues?

Are you sick of wasting another day not getting done that “thing” you keep saying you’re going to?

Are you completely out of energy, inspiration or drive?

Do you feel hopeless with the distance between you and the life you want?

Then from Shit to Stardust is for YOU!

Are you ready to say goodbye to this old version of yourself that has been holding you back?

Are you ready to drop the excuses and move the blocks out of your way?

Are you ready to do whatever it takes to step onto your new Path?

Are you ready to live a life that inspires you on a daily basis?

Are you ready to step into the next best version of yourself?

Then from Shit to Stardust is for YOU!

So what could you loose?

Are you scared shitless to take this leap?

Um, yea.. I totally get it.

This was me two years ago, and five years ago, and 12 years ago!

And this is how I became the Queen of taking scary ass jumps and leaps! If you’re not sure, just ask one of my friends about the 37 versions they’ve witnessed me go through!

So I ask- are you ready to come on a WIld journey with me?

Are you ready for Inspiration, Clarity and more Energy!?

Are you ready to take a MONUMENTAL step forward towards the life you want?

Today I go onward, and upward with The WIld Moon Society!

Today I choose the magical unknown, the scary first step towards my dreams!

Are you with me?!

Are you ready to take that big scary step in the right direction?

I know I am.

So let’s do it! Let’s take the beautiful, steaming pile of leftover crap we are ready to release and turn it into Stardust! Into magic, into actual 3D manifestation!

I’m going to be real with you here.. My heart is pounding writing this, my emotions are high, I’m scared shitless for this next big step- BUT i know this is what’s required of me. To be the Leader and use the Map!

I know I have to follow my heart and my instincts here! I know what behind me looks like, and I know what living a mediocre life entails =  Me being bored out of my dayum mind!

Can you relate?

Today I take that next big step again with YOU. I’m going for that next big level. I’m going for the thing that has me shaking writing this. Is there something you can relate this to? Do you feel this in your heart?

I’m calling on those whose heart strings are being plucked, whose palms are sweaty, who feel a little nauseous - but know deep down that this program is for you!

Are you in?

Please Read here for the Program Details: Starts october 15th!

-Weekly Live Webinars each Monday night at 7pm EST that will be recorded for later viewing and those who can’t make the lives

-Each week will have a different theme following the Plant Growth Cycle as we use this Nature based method for taking our dreams from Seed to Harvest!
-Each participant receives a complimentary Clarity Session with me, where we take a Deep Dive  into your hearts Desires!  (Valued at $149 a session)

-Each participant will be placed in a team to help support, inspire and connect with each other over the course of the next 10 weeks

-We will be reading “Becoming Supernatural” by Dr. Joe Dispenza throughout the program as it’s packed with amazing knowledge to help support creating new patterns and habits!

-Participants gain access to 3 months of The wild moon society member’s portal with over 300+ hours of recorded classes, courses, interviews and shows!

-Participants will be responsible for action plans, homework, accountability and commitment. This will teach us how to become personally responsible and take the reins of our live and steer it towards our dreams! 

-A Private Facebook group will be available to participants to carry on the conversation, connection and inspiration. 

-Participants will be learning Earth Based manifestation practices that turn intention into action! 

Click here to claim your seat in this massively transformational masterclass!