The Wild Moon Society
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Find your Light. Share your Gifts. Change the World.

The Wild Moon Society guides the human through Inspired Evolution to cultivate a life long practice of empowerment, expansion and enchantment. There has never been a more important time on the planet for our species to evolve. We firmly believe that each human has the gifts, answers and tools within them to live a vibrant life. Our mission for the next year is to turn people onto their purpose, their path and their innate wisdom. Your Evolution IS the Revolution.

Let’s start the Journey Now!
— Jayme Rose Gray

Illuminate: A Healing Journey for Empowerment

The time has come and many of us are ready to move forward with our lives, our health, our energy and purpose. It's time to come back home to ourselves and honor our deepest Truth:

You are the Gift, you are Needed & you are Ready!

We are here to Raise the Vibration of ourselves and the Planet.

Our Unique Light, Gifts and Presence is needed and requested.

I’m inviting you on a sacred journey to unite the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Starts March 11th, 2019!


Honor Your Evolution

This course will keep you on track with weekly video lessons, journal prompts, breathing exercises, and one-on-one coaching to help you overcome the beliefs and patterns limiting your next step on your path.

We focus on a heart-centered approach to transformation. Our unique program brings you on a journey through the Mind, Body, Emotions & Spirit, as we weave a supportive path towards your True North. We use ancient wisdom and modern science to reveal your full potential. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals by creating a strong foundation to make lasting changes.

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The Soul Map

Are you feeling disconnected from your Spirit and not sure where to start? Do you sense a missing piece to your puzzle and would like some guidance? Do you want to get more clear about your Soul’s purpose here in this lifetime? Are there wounds you can’t seem to heal and would like some closure?

A Soul Mapping Session will help you gain Clarity, connect to your Higher Self, move unwanted energy from your Auric field and provide deep cellular Healing.

In these private sessions, Jayme will take you on a Shamanic Journey to your inner world of deep knowing, review past lifetimes, view the trajectories of your near future, receive messages from spirit and animal realms, reconnect to your intuition, unite with you Soul’s purpose and help clear attachments.

If you are ready to embark on this journey, click below to begin the process.


The Creative Consultant

Is a 3-6 Month Incubator and Think Tank for your business or project that encourages and supports you to:

-Create a Vision for your Expansion and Goals

-Define and Align with your Niche

-Artistically Advertise and Engage with your Audience

-Fall back in love with your business and purpose

-Increase Monetary and Energetic Abundance

Creative Consultant Clients also gain access to The Wild Moon Membership and the Business Video portal to help support you on your Journey!

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The Deep Dive

Is 6-12 Private sessions that support you on your Personal Evolution Journey with:

-Connecting to your most Authentic Self

-Being witnessed in your Highest Potential

-Discovering your Gifts and Purpose

-Experience and Enjoy Shadow Work

-Holding Space for Truth Speaking

-Aligning with your Magic and Unique Path

Deep Dive Clients also gain access to The Wild Moon Membership to help

support you during your Evolution!


Cultivate Your Vision

A 10 week Manifestation Masterclass that will take your dreams from Seed to Harvest!

Next enrollment coming March 2019!

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Wild Moon Members Portal

Gain access to hours of Lunar classes, inspirational interviews, astrology calls, soul evolution courses, meditations, energy readings, interactive connection & more..

You’re community is waiting for you!

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